Join  Us The Third Tuesdays of Each Month at The King County Library (Near the Amphitheater)

King County Library 39917 Auburn Enumclaw Road SE…..Next to the Amphitheatre. 6PM - 8PM

Past EPCA Meetings

Be Part of a BIGGER VOICE in Rural King County!



Rural SE King County is unique, treasured and vulnerable. EPCA – Enumclaw Plateau Community Association is being formed as a collective, reasoned voice to King County and other government entities, on matters impacting our plateau way of life.

Who we are: Citizens living in, and caring about, unincorporated SE King County.

Why EPCA: To provide an informed, formal voice for residents in SE King County.

What we will do for you: Inform on issues impacting us and solicit input to collectively advocate.

What you can do for us: Join EPCA! Get on the list for mailings, emails and follow our FaceBook.

When: Do it now. There are several issues we are tracking that will have a large impact on our lives.

Current and future local issues we anticipate addressing:

  • Development and land use projects – hear about proposed Enumclaw Recycle Center impacting water, traffic and environment near 169/Franklin Rd.
  • Recreation, parks and trails – hear about proposed new trails and open spaces.
  • King County Comprehensive Plan ‐ give input for mid‐term review – the opportunity is now!
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Agriculture & Environmental Issues

Our quality of life is impacted by unchecked growth, development, increased traffic, pollution, industrialization, mining, etc. King County government now wants to focus more on SE King County, which has been historically underserved. County Leadership needs to make decisions on many matters impacting the Plateau and wants a structured resource to seek input from.

EPCA = Advocacy with King County for unincorporated residents. JOIN US!

For more information: contact [email protected] or call Nancy Merrill at 360-825‐4476.