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START HERE! Just learning about this? You are not alone (even though it’s been in progress since 2019).  

Here are some of the key milestones, reports, meetings, etc. in chronological order… 

CACC & WSDOT history 


May 2019 – WA State Legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 5370 establishing the CACC 
Oct 2019 - Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC) Virtual Meeting #1 
May 19, 2021 - SS Bill 5165 amended CACC Final date to 2/15/23 (pg 124) 
Sep 20 to Dec 8 2021 - CACC Online Open House #1 
Dec 2021 - CACC Virtual Meeting #2 
Mar 28, 2022 - ESS Bill 5689 amended final date to 6/15/23 (pg 142) CACC expires June 30, 2023 
Apr 2022 - CACC Virtual Meeting #3 (runway layout options presented) 
Jun 2022 - CACC Virtual Meeting #4 (10 greenfield sites announced) 
Aug 15 to Sep 11 2022 - Online Open House #2  


Sept 20, 2022 – SAVE THE PLATEAU – Blast Zone flyer 
Sep 23 2022 - CACC Virtual Meeting (greenfield sites reduced to 1 in Thurston and 2 in Pierce) 


Nov 2022 – New information… “Although the King County greenfield site is not on the CACC shortlist, WSDOT is continuing Phase 2 analysis of the SE King County location as a 4th potential greenfield site in their WASP system plan”. 


Feb 2023 – Phase 2 Analysis status report due for: Airspace review, air cargo, environmental factors, transportation/access, infrastructure, Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) cost estimates for the 3 Greenfield Sites (Pierce & Thurston) Note: the WSDOT-WASP report for King County will not be included in CACC report 
Jun 15, 2023 – Deadline for final CACC recommendation to Washington State Legislature 


Jan 4, 2023 – We’re pleased to announce that SAVE The Plateau is now partnered with our neighbors to the south! King County is joining forces with the King, Pierce & Thurston Airport Opposition movements… since we all share our common goal to remove our counties from legislative consideration and preserve our precious rural land. 


Present Day – Link to WSDOT-CACC website for current updates 

WSDOT & FAA reports 


Aug 2022 – WASP Site Selection Study (criteria for Red/Yellow/Green Ratings) 


Oct 15 2022 – CACC recommendation submitted to Legislative Transportation Committees 


Nov 2022 – FAA Airspace Report (King, Pierce & Thurston counties)  






Aug 9, 2022 – Airport Opposition Letter to CACC signed by Enumclaw Mayor Jan Molinaro and Mayors of Auburn, Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Covington and Fortunato, Robertson, Stokesbary, Constantine & Dunn  


Sept 6, 2022 – Letter from Muckleshoot Tribal Council to CACC 


Sept 6 22 –  Motion to remove King County from WSDOT consideration  – Reagan Dunn King Co. Council Dist. 9 

Nov 18, 2022 – Letter from Reagan Dunn to King County Council acknowledging WSDOT is continuing King County SE analysis as a 4th potential greenfield site, and requesting expedited vote by Committee of the Whole* 



2023 LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY (Regular Session January 9 – April 24th 2023) 





Sept 1, 2002 – Motion to Oppose Proposed Airport in Enumclaw Introduced to King County Council 


Sept 19, 2022 – Seattle Times reports on Enumclaw greenfield site 


Sept 21 2022 – King5 reports Enumclaw is considered for new Airport 


Oct 25, 2022 – The Courier Herald reports CACC selected 3 greenfield sites in Pierce  Thurston counties  

Nov 13, 2022 -  Seattle Times reports WSDOT is continuing study of KING County SE as a 4th Greenfield site  


Jan 8, 2023 – Tacoma News Tribune reports a new Legislative Aviation Advisory committee is proposed to replace the CACC, prolonging the site selection process 


Dec 15, 2022 -  Yakima expresses interest in hosting the New Airport 




Oct 20 2022 - TVW interview with David Fleckenstein, Warren Hendrickson and Steve Edmiston 

Oct 27 2022 - TVW interview with Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Tom Dent 
Oct 27, 2022 - Senator “McCune pledges to fight ‘reckless’ airport plan in the Senate” 


Nov 10, 2022 – King5 Thurston county greenfield site 

Dec 8, 2022 - Northwest Now interview with Dawn Sonntag and Thane Breynton 
Dec 14, 2022 - JT Wilcox and Andrew Barkis publish “We oppose a new airport in rural Pierce or Thurston county” video 


Jan 25, 2023 – Lobby Day rally at WA State Capital 


Feb 16, 2023 – SHB-1791 introduced in the House Transportation Committee 
StopTheAirport.com check our FAQ for more information. 






EPCA – Enumclaw Plateau Community Association website (under construction) 

EPCA – Enumclaw Plateau Community Association Public Facebook Page  

EPCA – Enumclaw Plateau Community Association Facebook Group (request to join) 



King County – SAVEthePlateu.com website (under construction) 

King County – SAVE The Plateau Public Facebook Page 

King County – EPCA – SAVE The Plateau Committee Facebook Group (request to join) 


Thurston County – StopTheAirport.com website  

Thurston County – Stop the Airport Facebook Group (request to join)  


Pierce County – No Airport Here.org website  

Pierce County – Coalition Against Graham and Eatonville-Roy Airports Facebook Group (request to join)  


FAA’s Land Acquisition Process (Eminent Domain) 


Eminent Domain definition 

6 Eminent Domain Examples And The History Behind Them 


Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (the group identifying and recommending the Greenfield site) 

Contact Info for CACC and Gov  

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