SUBJECT: ESHB-1791 Amendment Request

Dear Senators and Representatives,

We are concerned about ESHB-1792-2023-24. This proposed law is positioned to possibly lead to devastating consequences for the Enumclaw Plateau.

We believe that there are possible solutions involving optimizing SeaTac passenger/cargo service. Unfortunately, ESHB-1791, as written, excludes the further study of existing King County airports. Therefore, we ask for your support of a page & line amendment to ESHB-1791, striking the King County and McChord exclusion language, such as:


 Page 5, lines 24-29

          • Section 3(3) The work group shall not consider:
          • Section 3(3)(a) Expansion opportunities for a port or county run airport located in a county with a population of 2,000,000 or more; or
          • Section 3(3)(b) “The expansion of an existing airport or the siting of a new airport that would be incompatible with the operations of a military installation.

Additionally, we wish to emphasize that excluding analysis of the King County airports is contrary to the Commercial Aviation Work Group’s objectives to “investigate the expansion of existing aviation facilities” and to provide a “comprehensive evaluation of the transportation system as a whole”.

Analysis of SeaTac, Boeing Field and Renton airports is essential to providing a complete and unbiased study of ALL potential solutions. OPTIMIZATION of these existing airports could be the KEY to ELIMINATING all Greenfield sites from consideration. The Work Group should be allowed to explore the possibility to relocate SeaTac’s Cargo services possibly to regional logistic centers and/or a potential Cargo Hub (please refer to the Cargo Hub Concept outline . Converting SeaTac to a Passenger Only facility would increase passenger capacity. The SAMP would be adjusted, and the exchange of Cargo to Passenger service would be equalized to mitigate impact to the local community. Removing cargo would also serve the SeaTac community by relieving trucking traffic road congestion and nitrogen oxide & benzene emissions.

Also, it should be noted that the SSB5370 Final Bill Report* stated a Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) 2018 air cargo study concluded that SeaTac’s capacity is inadequate to meet the cargo needs and is restricted due to congestion. 

Citizens deserve a complete, comprehensive, and unbiased analysis of ALL potential solutions to the airport issue. We appreciate your consideration and hope we can count on your support to sponsor this amendment.





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